ShowSeason 1

Episode 1

Helping Hand To The Homeless

Amazing Grace Spaces believe that nobody should ever have to experience homelessness We welcome Stuart from Amazing Grace Spaces along to chat about his work and the mission of helping the homeless. Stuart provides an incredible insight into his...

life saving Episode 3

What’s It All About Then?

Why bother? What’s the point? In this short we hear all about the reasons behind this podcast series, the journey and the vision. Season 2 is already underway and there will be a new episode released each week – keep up to date with all...

Episode 4

Divine Healing

Our guest today undoubtedly lives an extraordinary life! We chat about faith healing, miracles and the supernatural lifestyle. We explore the passion behind the person and look at the source of power. With fascinating encounters and incredible, real...

Episode 5

I hear from God & See Angels

From an early age, our guest today heard the voice of God which changed the course of his (and many others) life. Lawrence chats with us about his regular, two-way conversations with God and how his encounters with angelic beings occur naturally...


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